Harnessing the power of multiple sources, affiliate stations and in-house reporting, Rocky Mountain News Network brings the news of Colorado to your station's listeners. 


3-Minute Service: This service provides updates through the day, delivered via satellite or web for the top of the hour.  Affiliates may delay the local broadcast to fit local schedules.  This service is available Monday-Friday.  See the complete feed schedule below.  Each report includes 2-minutes of Colorado news and the 1-minute of required inventory.

FM-News: This service is geared toward music format affiliates who want to offer news headlines during AM and PM drive time.  See the feed schedule below.  Each report contains 1-minute of Colorado and, if warranted breaking national news, followed by 1-minute of required inventory.  Stations taking the FM-News format must meet format and AQH requirements for reduced inventory requirements.

Rip-N-Read: Affiliates will have access to actualities and reports online for use inside local programming.





 The News Network will also include special feature reports on various topics through the year.  These reports are all optional and will be made available to network affiliates.


Feed Schedule

All programs can be time-shifted via the XDS Receiver for adjusted local playback..



Feed Time


Newscast 3:00 5:00 AM M-F
FM Newscast 2:00 5:05 AM M-F
Newscast 3:00 6:00 AM M-F
FM Newscast 2:00 6:05 AM M-F
Newscast 3:00 7:00 AM M-F
FM Newscast 2:00 7:05 AM M-F
Newscast 3:00 8:00 AM M-F
Newscast 3:00 9:00 AM M-F
Newscast 3:00 12:00 PM M-F
Newscast 3:00 3:00 PM M-F
FM Newscast 2:00 3:05 PM M-F
Newscast 3:00 4:00 PM M-F
FM Newscast 2:00 4:05 PM M-F
Newscast 3:00 5:00 PM M-F
FM Newscast 2:00 5:05 PM M-F
Newscast 3:00 6:00 PM M-F


News Preview

2-Minute Newscast - Morning

 FM News - Headlines - Morning



2-Minute Newscast - Afternoon

 FM News - Headlines - Afternoon



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