Colorado has an amazing assortment of professional and college sports, as well as, a vibrant high school athletic tradition.  Merge these with national sports headlines for the perfect daily sports report.


RMNN Sports will feature Colorado specific teams as well as headlines from across the nation around the world.  Reports are delivered five times per day, Monday through Friday and 2 times daily on Saturdays.  See the complete feed schedule below.

Each report is designed to present the latest sporting news and includes the required commercial.

Format: 3-Minutes

1:00 content

1:00 required inventory

1:00 content

Affiliates may take all three minutes or just the first minute of content and the required inventory.  It is truly a flexible solution to fit any format.


Inside Motorsports This fast-paced three minute program is hosted by NASCAR veteran reporter Pat Patterson, and airs five days a week.   The Racing Guy is ready to bring you the best interviews and racing news.  His number one goal is to bring you an inside look at the celebrities of motorsports - NASCAR, NHRA, and Open Wheel.


Format: 3-Minutes

:30 Introduction

:60 Network Spot

1:30 Content



Rip-N-Read: Affiliates will have access to actualities and reports online for use inside local programming.


Features: In addition to regular reports, special feature reports for items such as summer and winter games and races will be offered to all affiliates.


Affiliation for RMNN Sports is offered as part of a master agreement or may be used as a stand alone network.


Feed Schedule

All programs can be time-shifted via the XDS Receiver for adjusted local playback.




Feed Time


Sports 3:00 6:08 AM M-F
Sports 3:00 7:08 AM M-F
Sports 3:00 8:08 AM M-F
Inside Motorsports 3:00 8:15 AM M-F
Sports 3:00 11:45 AM M-F
Sports 3:00 3:08 PM M-F

Sports Preview

RMNN Sports

Inside Motorsports

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